1. Introduce <Stylefollow>


We are a Korean seller, operated by SBS-TV which produced [Running Man], [My Love From The Star].

As the No. 1 Broadcaster in Korea, we can source most of products in Korea and sell it.

All products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic,

and we are provided only the latest manufacture products from each brand.


️ Are you worried about buying from a Korean seller abroad?

️ NEVER HESITATE! 👉🏼 We will always guarantee you

   - 100% Authenticity & Best Price

   - Deliver the latest manufactured products in KOREA

   - Recommend Korean popular products and NEW products

   - FREE gift samples

2. What is [Drop shipping] by <Stylefollow>?

​We suggest "Drop shipping" to Indonesian sellers. Other countries are also available 😊

From now on, We will explain more detail about [Drop shipping]. (You = Indonesian seller)

  1. You can take orders even you don't have the products from any websites.

  1. You should RE-ORDER your customer’s ordered item to Shopee <StyleFollow>.

​You should order products with your Shopee ID.

Please let us know in advance which Shopee ID you are ordering. It must be used with one ID.


  1. and fill out your customer’s individual address, place individual orders from Shopee <StyleFollow>.

  1. After ordering by Shopee ID, please be sure to send us your [Shopee’s order number] by e-mail & WhatsAPP.

  stylefollow.id@gmail.com & WhatsAPP (+82-10-7185-5480) : Send us both in two for double check.

​  You can tell us your order number so we can distinguish it from our customers.


  1. <StyleFollow> does not send any StyleFollow's PR documents with the orders received your ID.

   (There is no <StyleFollow> words in Package box and delivery invoce label.

​   You can say to your customer that “it is our warehouse located in Korea”. It looks like as if you sent the product directly)


​6. We will send ordered products to your customer directly.

  (Real-time tracking can be viewed through the Shopee system)


3. What is Benefits of Indonesian re-sellers?

  1. You can sell Korean products without having stocks in Indonesia.

   The biggest difference between 'drop shipping' and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn't stock or own inventory.

  1. You don't have to pre-purchase the items you sell, you can offer an array of products to your potential customers.

   If <StyleFollow> stock an item, you can list up on your website and you can sell Korean products.


  1. If you offer us the products you want to sell, we will try to sell.

  1. You can sell "Popular products" or "New products" in Korea could be directly shipped via <StyleFollow>.

  1. You can decide the selling price.

   The difference between the selling price of <StyleFollow> and you, It will be your income(profit).

  1. Advertise on your homepage, online market or SNS to receive orders.

   Regardless of where the order was received, you only need to order to Shopee <StyleFollow>

 4.  Price Policy

  1. The prices in Shopee's <StyleFollow> are not pre-noticed and prices may vary. So I would like you to check frequently at our mall to check the latest price.


  1. Many sellers tell us to get more discounts on prices. However, it is impossible.

         The products selling in Shopee's <StyleFollow> are already mega discounted,

          so it is not allowed to provide an additional discount to re-sellers.


         The price we sell is the price that includes shipping cost.

         The amount of revenue we sell and make up is less than 5%, which is a very discounted price.

         We also do not charge a separate fee for "drop-shipping".

  1. However, free gift sample cosmetics will be given to the re-sellers who are selling a bunch of products consistently. INNISFREE, LANEIGE, PRIMERA etc. Samples are continually changed

Depending on the purchase amount, we will offer 2 to 5 Sample Sachet. We try to give as many good sample gifts as possible.


  1. Shipping costs are subject to Shopee's policy.

Currently, Rp. Buyer pays Rp.20000~Rp.50000 for fixed shipping(It depends on the area). However, If Buyer order more than Rp.90000, Shopee will pay for the cost you pay, so it will be free shipping. However, these free shipping benefits apply only once a day.

On the surface, it is called free shipping, but shipping from Korea to Indonesia actually costs a lot. We will send free shipping to Indonesian buyers, but we will calculate the final selling price by combining the overseas shipping cost with the commodity price

Indonesian buyers can buy goods at a lower cost than they buy in Korea, even though the combined shipping costs. This is because we do not make much profit from our sales.


Pictures of Products

  1. We will provide pictures of products that do not contain watermarks.

We are also searching at Google, so you can find and use it.


Contact info

Jungnam Park – CEO

WhatsAPP (+82-10-7185-5480) or contact with e-mail. 

Thank you.


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